Make sense
of marketing

We help AU and NZ startups steer their marketing and begin building their brands from early stage to scale up.

Working with startups on the rise

Marketing can feel like a black box

Feeling overwhelmed by buzzwords?

Not sure what you really need?

Your product has broad potential…

so who’s your ideal customer anyway?

But you'd better try something. Right?

Stop. Exhale.
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Unblock marketing for your startup

Here’s how we alleviate the overwhelm & start making an impact (not just more work!).

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Sit down with us and tell us
where you’re at.
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We’ll review what you’ve been doing + what you need.
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We’ll nail your messaging + identify the marketing areas to focus on, for now.
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We’ll help you make it happen (or do it for you).

Hi 👋 We're Stella Startups

Consider us your first marketing hire, or your early stage team’s experienced guide and enabler.
And when you’re ready to hire, we’ll help you know who you need.

Begin building a brand that will drive profitability

Startups need marketing to drive revenue. But longer term, you need a strong brand because that’s what drives profitability.

With our creative and brand expertise, we’ll help you lay strong brand foundations, early. So you have a head start.

Ways to work with us

We know you need transparency, so our services are stepped out clearly. Let’s have a chat and figure out what you need most to succeed.

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We’ll assess your marketing foundations, goals and opportunities within your competitive landscape to identify key focus areas and provide an initial marketing road map.


No one can afford to skip brand positioning. But how do you afford expert support with this crucial step? That’s exactly what we’re here for.

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Tell + Brand

Get all the ingredients to cut through to your target audience now and begin building a strong brand for the future. Includes a customer messaging playbook for your target audiences.

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Hit the ground running when you’re ready to go to market with key brand assets and a clear idea of your priority marketing channels to focus on.

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We’ll define an overarching marketing strategy and develop a 3-month sprint plan for you with clear actions aligned to objectives and key results. No more spraying and praying.


Scale your marketing support as you scale your startup with a fractional CMO to guide you and your team, leading you strategically and overseeing execution.

Our promise

We know you need transparency. 
So we’re upfront about our pricing, process and what we can do for you.

Who we are

We're marketers, communicators, designers and writers (thinkers, doers and fans of highlighters).

We’ve worked inside startups and led marketing for scale ups. We bring you years of experience built in your world, and in agencies and well-known brands.

We get the startup marketing struggle.
And we’re all here for it.

Supporting startups in collaboration with

Ready to make sense
of marketing?

It all starts with a chat, and we'd love to learn more about your startup.

Feeling overwhelmed by buzzwords?

Feeling overwhelmed by buzzwords?

Not sure what you really need? 

Scared of being ripped off?

And who in your team has time for this?

You’re still building your product…
so who’s your ideal customer anyway?

But you’d better try something...Right?