Bridget Cull

If you've read it, chances are I've written it.

Figuratively speaking - I'm not ChatGPT (or a famous author*).

But I have built a 20+ year career around the written word and I've learnt a heck of a lot about branding, marketing and the power of on-point writing along the way.

I’ve worn many hats, from journalist to government communications team leader and creative copywriter. My diverse background gives me a deep well of experience to draw from, across all aspects of marketing and communications. (And many amusing stories, like riding in the backseat of a chauffeured car with a Prime Minister, teaching a bunch of engineers the Gangnam Style dance, and Zoom calling a bishop.)

My natural habitat though, is the startup world. Having had a side hustle or three before having kids, I carved out a niche helping startups and NFPs with all things brand, marketing and communications. Teaming up with Gemma to build Stella Startups is the culmination of this and the vehicle for more of it – more exciting and fulfilling work supporting startups doing great things. 

* There's still time.

What gets me up in the morning

Curiosity! I feel lucky to have my family and work I enjoy, which keeps me curious and constantly learning. I also push myself out of bed before anyone else in my house so I can run, walk or yogi because it feels like I’ve already won the day before 8am.

My startup superpower

Cutting through the clutter and getting to the heart of brand messaging.

Friday night fave

A warm summer evening, sharing delicious food with friends while kids look after themselves without screens (more gastro pubs with playgrounds please 🙏).

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