Gemma Clancy

Over almost a decade in marketing - for brands big, small and everything in between - I’ve often thought: “Does it really need to be this complicated?!”.

I’ve come to the conclusion that while marketing can be complex (I learnt this from working with the world’s best marketing scientists), making it work doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, the more clear-eyed the approach, the better the outcome usually is.

I spent four years in advertising agencies with leading companies including Coles, Australian Super and Australian Red Cross, as well as many non-profits, government organisations and SMEs. I found joy in the incredible craft of creative teams but lamented the lack of tech and efficient processes. The result? Amazing work only accessible to companies spending tens-of-thousands each month.

I’ve also worked as a startup marketing lead, and ‘hacked’ marketing for my own entrepreneurial endeavors. I know the frustration of having huge ambitions but limited resources. I understand the pace of work required, and what’s at stake if you make a wrong turn.

The culmination of these experiences has led me here, to co-found Stella Startups. I want to give ambitious, hard-working founders access to the marketing guidance they need to thrive, at an affordable price. And I want them to learn a thing or two they’ll remember when they hit unicorn status.

I live and breathe Aussie startups, through my work at Stella and also in my role at Overnight Success - Australia’s best-known newsletter about startups and venture capital (you can subscribe here!). Among other benefits, this has connected me to a growing network of the ecosystem’s seasoned professionals, which I bring to our Stella clients. 

What gets me up in the morning

To get that buzz you feel when helping others succeed. I love seeing people live out their dreams (I’ve been known to shed a tear over Masterchef!). I wake up searching for that feeling in my work. Whether it’s making an introduction, helping someone clarify their ideas or see a problem differently - if it can push someone closer to where they want to go, I’m here for it.

My startup superpower

Distilling complex ideas into actionable steps so things feel a whole lot less overwhelming, and a whole lot more motivating.

Friday night fave

I’m usually writing my newsletter Overnight Success on a Friday night - scouring the web for the most interesting startup stories to deliver to 2000+ inboxes on a Saturday morning!

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