Paloma Newton

There's a certain magic in blending the timeless craft of marketing with the fresh, innovative tactics I've gleaned from working in the startup and VC worlds.

I am driven by the intersection of data, creativity and collaboration. Having come from a traditional strategic background in some of Australia’s biggest advertising agencies across multi-national brands like Allen's Lollies, KitKat, CUB, Banana Boat and BMW, I have thrived in bringing my formal strategic thinking into the startup ecosystem to rewrite the traditional playbook.

Using my superpower combination of hustle, professional aptitude and grit, I have found my career passion in supporting companies that are building the next generation of successful businesses.

In the startup world, I’ve worked across the spectrum, from building a marketing department for a product-led LiDAR startup to developing the brand for an NFP aimed at founders and founded by Airtree’s Daniel Petre, building out Blackbird VC’s marketing campaign structure, developing, producing and creating my podcast Calling Operator and co-founding Grapevine, a content-led NFP that aims to help build a more equitable startup ecosystem for all.

When I met the team behind Stella Startups, it was a no-brainer. Aside from our complementary skill sets and incredibly aligned values, we have a shared passion for supporting the development and growth of local startups to nurture their wildest ambitions.

What gets me up in the morning

Constant learning. Squeezing in around 6 podcasts daily and often having finished my holiday book before the plane lands. My day kicks off in the quiet before dawn with a 19km bike ride, the perfect backdrop for my first couple podcasts of the day.

My startup superpower

Cut through. My knack for swiftly pinpointing the core of what we need to achieve, combined with a hands-on, 'let's experiment and see' approach, enables me to rapidly refine and determine the most effective path forward.

Friday night fave

I'm generally low-key these days. My partner and I work on our own business ventures on the weekend, so we usually end the week with a couple of beers in the dog park, throwing the ball for the little fluffy love of my life, Edgar Allan Paws.

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